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Anduril bridges the world of “atoms” and “bits” so America and her allies can defend liberal democracy. Few teams and mission statements stand out more.


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Anduril's Story

Our world is becoming increasingly multi-polar by the day, and technological advancements are rapidly reshaping the defense landscape. Amid these shifting sands, Anduril stands out as a beacon of American innovation.

Within just a few years of its inception, Anduril has attempted to take a product-first approach to defense, first building what the US and allies need to be secure, and then selling those technologies to governments. This seems like a modest departure from the USG procurement-first approach of the past, but it leads to a wholly unique model for innovation.

Unsurprisingly, Anduril's initial sentry tower and Lattice product lines attracted a number of the best technical minds in the Contrary network. Any time we observe a "talent vortex" forming — a special company that seems magnetic to world-class talent — we take note and spend more time with the team. After seeing what's going on at Anduril, we simply had to invest, and have supported the development of their talent vortex ever since.

Today, Anduril’s suite of hardware and software products covers land, air, and sea. Brian, Matt, Trae, and Palmer plan to make tech-forward defense solutions a core part of our security landscape.