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Faith in the 21st century

The Hallow team has helped millions of Catholics worldwide engage with their faith. Alex, Erich, and Alessandro are building the platform to let faith flourish in the digital age.

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Hallow's Story

Hallow is the world’s #1 prayer app, having helped over a million people grow closer to God since its launch in 2018. Despite church attendance experiencing a slow decline over recent decades, the billion Catholics around the world are still spiritually active and crave a modern way to engage with their faith.

The Hallow platform combines the peace and stillness of meditation with the spiritual growth of contemplative prayer. Users can listen to recorded content, write down notes, and follow along with programs focused on seasons like Lent.

We met Hallow CEO Alex Jones during his first year in business school in Palo Alto, a place not typically regarded as a bastion of faith. But co-founders Alex, Erich, and Sandro were not looking to start companies based on the latest Silicon Valley trends. They were looking to bring faith into the 21st century and build for users beyond the walls of a church.

At the time, there were 1,300 meditation apps on the App Store. Three were geared towards Christians. We resonated deeply with the opportunity they had in front of themselves, and became their first institutional investors when only a handful of users were completing their first prayers in the app. We haven't looked back since, partnering and investing across stages as Hallow aims to build a next-generation platform that enables individuals, parishes, schools, and other institutions to better organize their communities of faith.