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Ramp built a corporate finance platform with the radical mission of helping companies save money rather than spend it.

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Ramp's Story

Ramp was started when Eric Glyman and Karim Atiyeh realized that businesses and their corporate card providers did not have aligned incentives. The increasingly complex system of card points is designed to incentivize more spend when businesses should be aiming to spend less. With a previous fintech exit under their belt, Eric and Karim decided to take a bigger swing with Ramp. Their goal is to eat the corporate finance stack.

We first got to know the Ramp team when several of the most talented builders in the Contrary network joined the company early on. It seemed obvious that having one of the highest densities of talent in the startup scene was a sign of good things to come.

Ramp's card product experienced rapid growth, and Contrary invested in the Series B and beyond. Products focused on procurement, accounting automation, accounts payable, and more soon followed. Sure enough, the company’s legendary hiring bar led to a velocity of product development that we’ve yet to see replicated.

Over 15,000 businesses use Ramp, and they save on average 5% of their total card spend.

Ramp's vision is to build the full-suite for corporate finance that saves businesses money. With the remarkable traction experienced to date, we're excited to partner and support them in the years to come.