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India’s grocer

Zepto is no standard tech company. Aadit and KV have made grocery effortless for millions of Indians, and are working to revolutionize the grocery supply chain in the years to come.


Mumbai, India

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Zepto's Story

Zepto is building the future of grocery in India, having served millions of customers and scaled to over $500 million in annualized sales less than three years after starting. This is made possible by a carefully managed vertical supply chain, stretching from farmers, to large distribution warehouses, to local dark stores offering 15-minute delivery. The whole operation is powered by software that enforces world-class supply chain discipline.

When we met the Zepto team, Contrary had never before made an investment in India. The pandemic had been ongoing for five months with no end in sight. Aadit and Kaivalya, who had just finished high school at the ripe old age of 17, weren't yet able to legally sign a term sheet. This was not a recipe for success at first glance. That said, startups are a game of exceptions and their clarity of vision was simply stunning.

We issued a formal offer to be Zepto’s first investor on Aadit's 18th birthday. Just 18 months later, Zepto claimed to be the fastest-growing ecommerce company in Indian history.

While we helped the Zepto team incorporate, raise early capital, and iterate on their go-to-market (when it was first known as KiranaKart), they have been relentless in their operational excellence to scale the business to where it is today.  We’re proud to have invested in every round that Zepto has raised to-date as they build what we believe will be the most special company of its generation in India.