Contrary Research's New Look

Announcing the launch of the new Contrary Research site design.

Kyle Harrison

June 20, 2024

We launched Contrary Research back in September 2022. At the time, we knew there was demand for private market insights, but even we didn’t appreciate just how much demand there was.

Contrary Research resonated with founders, investors, operators, journalists, limited partners, and general fans of technology all because private market companies are notoriously difficult to unpack.

Since then we’ve grown Contrary Research to over 50,000 subscribers and have covered hundreds of companies like Anduril, Ramp, Figma, Stripe, and Rippling.

But as our brand has grown, we’ve continued to pay attention to the needs of our users. What are people trying to accomplish when they come to Contrary Research?

We dug in to better understand the most important aspects of the user experience for consumers of private market research we should build around. As a result, we’re pleased to announce an update to the Contrary Research website!

The new Contrary Research homepage is designed to showcase the latest deep dives and most recent company memos we’ve published, along with a curated collection of content based on industry trends and relevance.

Our goal has always been to become the best starting place to understand any private tech company, that’s why we’ve added a brand new search experience to help you find the information you’re looking for with one click.

We’ve also redesigned the reading experience to optimize for long-form articles like our deep dives on Stripe or Embedded Finance, with features like estimated reading time, a table of contents, and a list of additional resources.

Lastly, we’ve added one of the most asked-for features from the Contrary Research audience: light mode. With this addition, you can easily toggle between the two color schemes of Contrary Research, light and dark, to find your optimal reading experience.

With our revamped site, we’re moving closer to our vision of presenting readers with a true database to centralize curated, trustworthy information and analysis on a wide range of private tech companies and the markets they are impacting.

From curated market views to one central repo for any relevant company insights, we’re pushing the boundaries of what you can find on Contrary Research.

And the new site is just the beginning. Stay tuned throughout the next several months as we continue to expand what’s possible with Contrary Research!

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